If I can touch someone- help to heal them with my words and the sincerity of my heart, then I am a shining success.


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Artistry & Accomplishments

Canden Webb is an Author, Poet and C.E.O. of Beautiful Minds Entertainment,  where she supersedes expectations in giving authentic artists a platform for their unique gifts. Canden, an artist herself, is a two-time 3rd place winner of Busboys and Poets 11th Hour Slam and the long-time featured Poet of the widespread sexual purity organization, I Am Worth the Wait Revolution. She has performed all over the U.S. with some of the most notable Artistic organizations of the decade, including P4CM and True Voices, a young-adult poetry movement headquartered in NY.

Canden has created an entertainment company that focuses on elevating the artist's career to the level of their talent and renewed vision for themselves. Her techniques in artist- centered event management, innovative thinking and creating self-sustaining platforms have given her a reputation for being the artist's go-to resource. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the prestigious Howard University which contribute to her powerhouse approach in individualized attention and communication. 

Canden is the author of three literary works, a poetry chapbook and two books, littered with poetry and self-help themed insight. Her personal brand is one of artistic expression, leadership and empowerment. She mentors young artists in finding their true passion and potential, while performing on renown stages and running a company, so it is no surprise that she tries to find ways to advance elevated, meaningful connection with others.


Canden is a huge advocate of women in particular, with thoughtful consideration to their development leading to overall health and success.  Her most recent endeavor, Ladies Day Out, a Social Club for women, is taking off. The organization was birthed to give women a genuine connectivity with each other in fun active environments. 
Canden is always curating new ideas to encourage mental stability, balance, and restoration, daily for minds that crave creativity as a part of the human experience.
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Metro Community Church

September.2016 / Metro Community Church. New Jersey



real lovepoetry

February. 2015/ Live at The Kreeger Theatre. Rockville, MD



July.2014 / Live at Cottonwood Church. Los Angeles



The Real Love Poetry Show

The Real Love Poetry Show is a BM Entertainment production that takes place each year on Valentine's Day weekend to inspire intense fellowship, sincere fulfillment and authentic artistry through poetry with the accompaniment of music and dance. The production is uniquely portrayed from an all-male perspective and welcomes both singles and couples alike.


The Cosmos tour

The COSMOS Tour is Beautiful Minds ENT's first official multi-city event. Debuting in 2016, it is an experience reflecting on God's hand in creation and every aspect of our lives. The production highlights the COSMOS as not only the construction of the planet as we know it but a metaphorical representation of our journey as humans from origin to evolution. The COSMOS Tour will return Spring 2018.


A Beautiful Mind is: 


(ɔːˈθɛntɪk) adj

1. of undisputed origin or authorship; genuine: an authentic signature.

2. accurate in representation of the facts; trustworthy; reliable: an authentic account.

3. (Law) (of a deed or other document) duly executed, any necessary legal formalities having been complied with

4. (Classical Music) music

a. using period instruments and historically researched scores and playing techniques in an attempt to perform a piece as it would have been played at the time it was written

b. (in combination): an authentic-instrument performance.



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