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I started writing because it gave me a place to put my emotions. Poetry is therapy. I never meant to build a brand, I just meant to touch people.

A lot of people think performance is about being famous. But it’s about changing people and not dying with the gifts God gave you.




Heartache On A Silver Platter

In Heartache On A Silver Platter, Canden shares some of the most candid, heartfelt accounts on the road from healing to heartache. Filled with  inspiring poems, quotes, and affirmations that strike the heart in the most tender place, Heartache On A Silver Platter is a companion guide on the journey back to the place of restoration, wellness, joy and faith.


The Girl With the Pen

The Girl With the Pen beautifully captures the human experience through poetry. The collection of over 30 poems takes the reader into the beauty of self, the intricacies of the mind, the failure of humanity and the relatable experience of affection.