The Top 6 Reasons Why I Loved Jamaica

Earlier this summer, I got a chance to visit Montego Bay, Jamaica for my best friend's destination wedding. It was one of the best trips I've ever taken. Here are the top 6 reasons why I loved Jamaica:

1) The ocean and rich marine life. In addition to the amazing view, there are crabs, fish, coral and sea urchins to be seen. I'm so here for all of God's genius above and underneath the water.

2) The climate- there's something about being in a tropical environment that gives you a freedom you can't quite get everywhere. I was secure in everything I put on. And for me the less, the better. Lol. The sun kissed my skin every day and for that I'm grateful.

3) The plants and agriculture. Almond trees, coconut jelly, mangos and plush green everywhere made it like living in a real life botanical garden.

4) The off the resort experience. From Dunn's River Falls to Scotchies, Fern Gully, the boat party and crowded downtown - it was all lit. I went all over the island and it was the best decision I ever made. Trust me, do not hide on a resort the whole trip!

5) The people - friendly with melanin heavy skin and fabulous accents. I asked every native I saw questions and I was never disappointed by their answers and willingness to share.

6) The men - They made sure to dote on me and tell me I was beautiful several times each day-a girl could def get used to that kind of treatment.

Bonus reason: The food - Just see for yourself!
P.S. I spent half my time on the resort and half in a cute getaway via Air BNB. My host was awesome! Click to check it out!