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Welcome to my world

Many people have bios that sound amazing. Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to present yourself in the best possible light. But the challenge with describing yourself in one or two paragraphs is that people tend to box you into the way you are presented. Now that may be good in a sense but I’ve never been the box-y type. So rather than tell you about the many raw, beautiful, desired things that I am, I believe in letting my work speak for itself.

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Whether it be performance poetry, inventing a new song, being a muse, cooking up dishes or curating events, I’m always looking for beautiful ways to touch the world.






Many Talented Artists don’t have the resources and outlets available to reach the level of success that they want to achieve. My company BEAUTIFUL MINDS ENTERTAINMENT seeks to remedy this problem. We are the Home Of the Artist.


Many women are being told that their singleness is a burden all while getting older in their single season. Well, it’s time for this way of thinking to stop! That’s why I’ve teamed up with another amazing SINGLE WIFE to create THE SINGLE WIFE LIFE, a community of women that are changing the world’s perspective on singleness in the modern age .



I don’t believe in waiting around for opportunities- I believe in creating them! Pioneering your own platform, however may seem impossible to do if you’ve never tapped into the knowledge that only a mentor can gift you.

The entertainment industry can be tough. Few are afforded the opportunity to live off of what they were created to do. I never set out to be a consultant because I’m a hand’s-on learner and didn’t much care for the way people consult in the real world. So I thought to myself, why not create another approach?! And that’s exactly what I did. Now, my life’s goal is to see artists everywhere reach higher heights and better opportunities. One way I can do that is to get them the knowledge that I’ve garnered in my 10+ years experience as a successful Artistpreneur. So here is my tailor-made guidance…




I love when people have a good time. It’s as simple as that. No event should EVER be boring. Good laughter, quality presenters, a clearly communicated vision, a great space and an even greater EMCEE/MODERATOR is so necessary. Engagement is my specialty. Being a performer for years teaches you a thing or two about captivating an audience.